9 responses to “Lomography SuperSampler Review and Photo’s”

  1. James

    Shame about the 72 dpi on the disk…
    Four shots in 0.2 seconds is pretty dang quick! I can think of an image I’m trying to put together now that would make good use of that kind of speed. It takes me about 0.9 seconds to get four shots off with my camera.
    Each of these images is a single picture on the roll, yes?
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    1. Ryan

      Hi James,
      I haven’t found too many situations where I can use the .2 second speed, but I’m sure more will come up. What’s the current image you are trying now? I’m curious, and as tempted as I might be, I won’t steal the idea, haha. And yes, each one of these pictures is on one single picture on the film. So, if you get prints made, you have four frames on every individual picture.

  2. James

    (laughing) In photography, ideas are cheap. It’s making it work that is the challenge!

    You know from my blog that I enter the monthly photo scavenger hunt on Flickr as a way of keeping the ideas coming. One of the categories for this month’s hunt is “close call,” and whether it’s catching a fragile item or keeping a glass from spilling, that quick shutter speed could make for an interesting shot if you hit it at just the right moment.
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  3. Gary

    Hehe, Lomo cameras are great fun aren’t they?

    I’ve just bought a Nikon converted for IR photography, it’s pretty cool too 🙂

    1. Ryan

      Hi Gary,
      Lomo cameras offer a nice change from time to time from conventional photography. Granted, they might not serve as much of a purpose, but they’re definitely fun!

      I haven’t done any IR photography in the past, I look forward to seeing some of your results!

  4. Art Canvas Prints

    Loving the Super Sampler. Great photos. Lomo cameras are great fun aren’t they? I’ve just bought a Nikon converted for IR painting, it’s pretty cool too

  5. photos to canvas

    I tried photography on Lomography camera long time back when I started working out more time on Photography and it was an awesome experience with it. Right now my focus is on SLR camera, it gives best result.

  6. Canvas photo printing

    in the process of trying the lomograpghy camera myself, so far so good.

  7. Joe

    This camera sucks. I shot 2 rolls of film and the shutter button just stopped working. I toke care of it like I do with my other cameras and there is no reason other than manufacturing defect for this problem. I would not recommend buying this camera.

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