17 responses to “Hiking to Headstones – Granby and Simsbury, CT”

  1. Darren L Carter

    Hey, really great photos.
    I love the texture you were able to get with the headstone photos.
    Darren L Carter

  2. Paul Galbraith

    Some really great shots there Ryan, love the retro feel. Headstones make such interesting subjects, I’ll have to get down to my local cemetery for a few shots myself.

  3. Ryan

    Thank you both for the kind words!  Headstones can hold such beauty, and I really love the older hand engraved designs that show through the weathering.

    Paul, you should definitely get out there and shoot!  I’d love to see another artists interpretation of similar subjects.

  4. Sire

    I like cemeteries as well, although I doubt I would walk through one at night. I like reading the inscriptions on the headstones, especially the older more historical ones.
    As for Alanna, how about a shot where she’s not hiding behind the camera 😉

    1. Ryan

      Haha, walking through them at night can definitely be creepy.  I did some Long Exposure Cemetery Photography awhile back.  Definitely fun, and I liked the results, but walking around in a cemetery (That is supposedly haunted, of course) in the pitch black had me a little shook.  The older and more historical the cemetery, the better!  I guess most of my pictures of Alanna have her hiding behind a camera, haha.  I managed to find one shot she took with her Holga over at her blog.

  5. Keith Davis

    Hi Ryan
    Looks like you had a good time at the cemetery!
    They are such spooky places.

    If you want to visit a fantastic cemetery try the “Pere la Chaise”  cemetery in Paris.
    It is full of famous graves…
    Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Chopin, Proust, Colette…
    I went with my wife on our last visit to Paris and had a fantastic time.
    I really must get out more often! LOL

    1. Ryan

      Hi Keith,

      Haha, yes, I guess we did have a great time.  Spooky?  Well I can’t disagree completely, but I like to use the term peaceful.. Oh who am I kidding, they’re spooky too.  I will have to add “Pere la Chaise” to my list of places to travel!  That list seems to grow by the day.. I think we could all get out a little more often, haha.

  6. Summer

    These pictures are a little eerie and haunting, quite an unusual subject matter.  But thinking outside the box, I like it.

  7. Ching Ya

    Nice shots, a lot of textures. 🙂 And I like how you responded to Keith, using peaceful instead of spooky. You know how we usually think of cemeteries, I’m just glad you’re not showing us any ‘night-shots’ here. ^^
    Social/Blogging Tracker

    1. Ryan

      Hi Ching Ya,

      I’m glad someone else can appreciate texture in photographs as well, haha!  I don’t have any night shots in this post, but more than likely, I will have some in the future.  Thanks for stopping by!

      @Summer :: If you find these pictures a little haunting, then I captured what I wanted to, haha!

    2. fazal

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  8. Jane@KeltyBackpackCarrier

    I love the character of these older cemetaries.  The headstones are so elaborate and beautiful.  The newer cemetaries have really lost something since they have gone to the flat headstones in order to make maintenance easier.  What a shame!!

    1. Ryan

      Old cemeteries really are beautiful. Since moving to California, I barely see any cemeteries at all. Perhaps I just don’t notice them because they don’t have the ornate headstones. Did they really switch the style just for maintenance?

  9. photo book

    excellent writing .

  10. zero8704

    wow scary.. but nice pic..

  11. haris

    nice i like this one

    1. Ryan

      Thanks Haris!

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